About the Logo and the Shop

Ya'at'eeh! (Hello!) I am Navajo and I was raised on the Navajo Reservation. My designs are inspired by my Navajo upbringing. I personally designed the logo, which depicts a Navajo Woman in her traditional Navajo dress. Her hair is done in a traditional Navajo bun with the tassels hanging out of the bun. She is also wearing her traditional Navajo Squash Blossom necklace around her neck. Next to her is a baby in a Navajo cradle board.

This stick figure picture represents me, a Navajo woman, with young children. I am a mother of six wonderful children, and I strive to teach them about their Navajo culture and to be proud of their heritage. As my children are growing older, I also encourage them to create their own jewelry designs and share their culture with others.

I find joy in creating and finding beautiful, handmade pieces. It is a passion and something I do when I am not busy raising six kids. I hope you enjoy the pieces you see as much as I do. I am very excited to have you here at my online shop to see one-of-kind products!

Ahehee'. (Thank you.)

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